We build complete scenario-based models together with our clients, to determine complex future strategies

How to make sound decisions in a crisis?

The current economy is in a state of global uncertainty:
  • Volatile markets create an uncertain business landscape
  • Unpredictable behaviour leads to increased human error and complex decision making

Businesses need a robust strategy to manoeuvre successfully through these times of crisis.


Bespoke strategic scenario modelling

We offer fast-paced strategy consults, where we work with our clients to build their future strategic scenario model.

  1. Strategic clarity :: By thoroughly investigation all possible scenarios, we can solve the most complex problems.
  2. Deductive reasoning :: With comprehensible visualizations, we create a a clear view of the possibility space.

Top-Tier Lightning Consult

A complete account of your strategic landscape, modelled for every scenario

Lightning Timespan

We build an entire scenario-based strategy model in
2-8 days

Software Suit Included

Every consult includes the world-class Parmenides Eidos Software Suite


All our consults are executed by senior partners with years of experience with the software

Reusable and scalable

We build models that last. A scenario model can be reused for any strategy and used by your whole organisation.


What people say about Eidos

Steve E.
CEO, Chief Architect Architecture & Planning

“Unique Set of Strategic Planning and Visualization Tools for the Most Complex of Transformations”

Having experience relating to EIDOS that goes back to 2001 (before it was even called EIDOS), I have found the tool set to be fantastic for structuring complex challenges in even the largest organizations. The core tool suite has not really varied dramatically over the past 15+ years, but the usability has soared. I find EIDOS greatly complements my work in Enterprise Architecture, the value of which I often bottom line as being “Better informed decisions faster.” In Enterprise Architecture (EA), one tries to better link Business Demand with Information, People, Process, and Technology Supply. EIDOS helps me ensure coherency and comprehensiveness in addressing and scoping any major business/government/non-profit transformation, especially on the business strategy/architecture side of the house up front and then with analysis of alternatives to best satisfy any chosen course of action. I have used it to support my EA work with some of the largest organizations, including the United Nations and the U.S. Federal Government, along with Ivy League universities and Fortune 10 companies. In short, EIDOS, once mastered, and it is not easy to master, to be honest, can really raise the IQ of an Enterprise. As with any complex tool environment, an investment is absolutely required to get at least a couple of people up to the expert level in the tool suite to fully benefit from it and this must be a concerted, focused effort over a reasonable period of time.

“Engagements with public sector clients are fascinating as outcomes always exceeded expectations.”

The software has supported difficult client engagements ensuring that one can deliver in their high expectations in unusually short timelines. I have applied the tools in facilitations for mainly large public organisations but also for the NGO sector. Without fail it allows capture of content in a systematic fashion and when such content (actors and factors) are connected to provide a situational view that provides clarity to context of the problem statement to both the leadership and management of such organisations. In times when the environment keeps changing and within such the industries have to continually evolve, the tools support quick updates of context and scenarios while keeping in tact outcomes from previous engagements as useful baselines. After the workshops I have found that executives and management are able to consistently communicate the knowledge gained and strategies formulated i.e. the process supports participants obtaining a deeper understanding of the situation, scenarios and selected strategies which the process forces to be very clearly articulated and evaluated. At the same time the common language and understanding gained by participants supports consistent communication crucial to execution of selected strategies.
Heinz W.
prev. COO of Development Bank of Southern Africa Insurance
Markus K.
VP Strategy & Transformation Telecommunications

“Scenario based strategy development. Visualized reasoning and development of strategic options.”

With this coherent methodological framework you’ll be enabled to craft and develop scenarios and strategies. Enhancement of decision making processes with tools that enable a rigorous analysis and synthetic integration through effective visualization and efficient computation. Highly effective interaction between tools addressing endogenous factors (PESTLE) in strategic frameworks, and those enabling assessments of external drivers and trends through scenarios. Eidos also captures knowledge generated in strategic planning exercises. The highly dynamic and integrated formats, are reuseable and easily support modifications and expansions later on. Enabling effective strategic management of issues and challenges in highly volatil, uncertain, complex and ambigue environments.

What makes Eidos different?


Single best strategy software on the market

Our software is what makes us stand out. We use the high-end Eidos software which was the preserve of the largest companies in Germany for the past 20 years.

View our 5/5 review from Capterra and G2.


Global level of experience

By working with the worlds leading companies, we’ve helped develop the most sound strategies and processes on the planet. All our partners are highly-experienced individuals with years of expertise at large strategic consultants and multinational companies. 


Lightning-Paced Empirical Strategy

A scenario-based strategy model provides the insights and predictive power of a full scope strategy. By working with your company, we can model a complete strategy in a matter of days.

Consider the future of your business

Rational decision making in these turbulent times

Unlike other strategic advisors, our work is based on deductive reasoning and scenario-based models. Decision-making based on these models is more complete and the clarity and reliability that is needed in complex strategic environments.

Speak with one of our partners to discuss the options for your business.

First exploratory call is free of charge


Dhiren Desa

CEO, Parmenides AG

Dhiren Desa

CEO, Parmenides AG
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